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Take 5 with LEO Club Chairperson Timothy Wangwe

This week, we catch up with Timothy Wangwe aka Skipper; an alumni of Kamusinde Boys High School, who joined us through the Government-sponsored programme. The delightful young man was recently awarded the Leo Club Reporting Award and the Presidential Certificate of Appreciation from Lions Club International president Dr. Jung Yul Choi.

ZU: Course:
Bachelors of Science in Information Technology

ZU: When did you join Zetech?
13th May 2019, fresh from high school

ZU: Which high school were you in?
Kamusinde Boys’ High School, Bungoma – Western Region

ZU: Where did you learn about Zetech?
My best friend joined Zetech while I was still in my 4th year of high school. He gave me an on campus tour while I was looking for University; I loved the school at first sight and soon after applied to join THROUGH KUCCPS.

ZU: Why Zetech?
I’ve always had a passion for tech since childhood. I wanted to study at an institution which would help me turn my dream into a career; Zetech was perfect, and still is by the way. Its history in IT is now a reality for me and I’m pretty confident of this path.

Oh, my dream as a kid was to be Iron Man, I’m getting close…

ZU: You are the chairperson of the Leo Club. Tell us a bit about this and what it has taught you:
Leo Club is a University-based charity club that aims to engage students in community outreach programs. Being the Charter President of the club, I faced lots of challenges starting the club. As a first-year student then, convincing students to join the club was not easy; I started off with my close friends and then their friends, soon after we had a full house.

The greatest of the lesson I’ve learnt is that as a leader, one ought to believe in the people and the cause more than they do in themselves. This helps them trust you more and if you ask me, trust works miracles.

ZU: What opportunities can students take advantage of at Zetech?

The greatest opportunity I believe Zetech offers is the robust support to new ideas and investment in the slightest of potential in students.

The other equally important opportunity is the partnerships with significant corporate; this opens doors to attachments, mentorship and employment opportunities for continuing and graduating students.

ZU: How has it been dealing with lecturers and staff?
This should be one of the most unique qualities of Zetech University, the closeness amongst students and staff is just incredibly amazing. I have very close relations with several lecturers and staff, and that serves to improve the service delivery to me as a student.

ZU: Why would you recommend Zetech?
As a young and rapidly growing institution, Zetech has a spark for quality and students stand to benefit the most. This ranges across the table from education, sports, leadership and self-development; in other words, anyone and everyone can fit right in.

ZU: What do you love most about Zetech?
Zetech has a manageable student population, to mean that the student-lecturer interaction is enhanced. It feels more of a family than a regular fraternity.

I’m also intrigued by the open-door policy where any student is allowed to walk into any office at any time and talk to anyone about absolutely anything; you can’t get that anywhere else!

ZU: Message to incoming students?
College is all about exposure to environments, experiences and opportunities. Every single student has the freedom and responsibility to embrace all these and make something awesome out of it.

At Zetech, open your eyes and let your thoughts wander around all the possibilities, for they are endless.

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