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The Trend features Live at Zetech

The University this past Friday was privileged to host the award winning show The Trend that is aired live on NTV every Friday. The exhilarating show, which was hosted at the Thika Road campus, featured leading Gospel and secular artists who joined TV host Amina Abdi Rabar in talking about emerging issues affecting the youth.

This was the second time the Varsity hosted the NTV family following a fruitful partnership that spans many years.

In this edition, the students served as a responsive audience tackling issues affecting young people including mental health, abstinence, use of contraceptives as well as the development of content for the arts and music industry. The show’s guests that incorporated gospels artists Moji Short Baba, Bruz Netwon and Timeless Noel weighed in on the conversation, urging students and the national audience to live responsibly.

Moreover, the thrilling show hosted Tanzanian star Ben Soul who entertained his overwhelmed audience. The soulful singer and songwriter was well received in the Country and shared his various plans to grow his brand.

3D Hologram

The Trend also featured University student innovators including Bachelor of Science in IT students Brian Mbuvi and Ronald Ambundo, who have developed a 3D hologram fan that produces floating images. The concept, which was birthed from a fidget spin, is a creative idea that the gents have invested in to promote marketing and advertising for businesses in Kenya, and beyond.

“We are honored to have shown Kenyans what has taken us a lot of time to develop. We have registered a company, Advaclick, through which we will manufacture the fans and empower companies to make use of digital to promote their businesses,” said Mbuvi. He further noted that the innovators are skilled in animation and are mentoring other learners in the subject.

Commenting on the innovation, Corporate Affairs Director Moses Maina emphasised the University’s commitment to nurturing innovators by providing them with an environment to develop ideas and linking them with prospective partners to monetise their innovations. “We are proud of Mbuvi and Ronald for this captivating innovation that will take Africa by storm. We have ensured they have the right mentorship and guidance through our recently launched Innovation Hub, and we are optimistic that they will succeed in their plans.” Moses said.

Indeed, the amazing show was a great addition to the University’s events and partnership programme.

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