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Titans ready for championships in FKF league

The Zetech University football men team is set for the Football Kenya Federation of Kenya (FKF), Division one championship this season. The Titans emerged with a 2-1 victory in their debut against the Buruburu FC at the Toyoyo Stadium.

While smashing the opponent, Warren Mugele scored a straight goal penalty in the 28th minute heated match that was full of surprises for both the teams. To boost the Titan’s victory, Peter Kenneth scored a tactful challenge goal in the 38th minute proving their challenge for the win in the first half.

The furious Buruburu FC made their way for their first goal against the Titans in the 76th minute who retaliated by increasing their momentum in defense; they sweetened the game by making attacks till the 90th minute whistle blow. The Titans closed with a win for the Titans placing the men’s university side at a head start ahead of the oncoming matches.

“The game was epic, especially because one being the first match in the league at least we did gather 3 Points which is very important for the start as focus on our mistakes for triumph winning in the upcoming games, said Ben Kitolo the coach.

Commenting on their victory, Mr. Moses Maina, Executive Director Corporate Affairs, thanked the players as he challenged the team to utilise every opportunity to prepare ahead of upcoming matches, to achieve an unbeaten streak. “I wish to urge us not to relent on discipline and momentum that we have had for years, as we aspire for greater achievements.” said Mr. Maina. He urged the team to embrace digital media for personal branding and growth.

The team is fired up, full of passion and teamwork for upcoming games eyeing additional victories as the league progresses. This resonates with the University’s mandate to invest and support extracurricular activities alongside academics as we help students invent their future.


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