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University Drama team celebrated for National win

“You have all it takes to change the world.” These were the words shared by our Vice Chancellor Prof. Njenga Munene to the University Drama Club during a special trophy presentation following their great performance in the 2019 National Drama Festivals held in Bungoma County, in April.

The session incorporated a fascinating cultural creative piece Afande Jawar, a compelling story that explores the relationship between the youth and the police, and how best to create a healthy rapport between the two groups of society. The piece thrilled the audience as the soloists projected their voices in Dholuo and the swift dancers creatively communicated the message.

During the 2019 national contest, David Musuku was awarded Best choreographer, topping up additional awards including; Best Producer, Best Female Dancers as well as Best costume and décor, won for the creative piece. Geoffrey Omungu, who was the male soloist, clinched the 1st Runners up award. These results reflect that Zetech was one of the best performing private universities in Nairobi.

Additionally, Zetech Furnace staged a gripping piece dubbed Makabwela, a Swahili choral verse tackling corruption in the country. In the category, the verse was picked as the Best Choral Verse in Kiswahili and the Best in creativity and presentation during the nationwide festival. Moreover, it attracted awards for the Best Director and Best Producer.

Congratulating the team, Corporate Affairs Director Moses Maina celebrated Furnace for exemplary and consistent performance throughout the years, assuring them of the support of the entire fraternity. He further challenged the team to be thankful to God for their talent and aspire to showcase their skills in other national and regional platforms.

Pleased with the performances, Prof. Munene lauded the gifted gents and ladies for representing the University using their art and skill, and for being committed to stay on top. He said, “I am extremely happy and proud of Zetech furnace, and how you perform from your heart. I love the thematic approach for every piece that strongly communicates sensitive issues through art.” said Prof, adding, “I challenge you to now compete in the big league against the best universities in the world, as we promote talent exposure in Kenyan universities.” He further called them to enhance focus in their academics and talent.

The ceremony ended with an exciting photo session with the VC as the students interacted with him; the team targets to hold a show at the Nairobi film centre this June.

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