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University prepares students for the Job Market

Zetech University has increased investment in initiatives to ready students to become marketable professionals who will be easily absorbed in the market. The drive, which also focuses on challenging students to come up with economically viable ventures, is set to address the challenge of half-baked candidates seeking employment in different sectors.

Repeat surveys by various organisations paint a grim picture of the growing number of unemployed youth, with a huge chunk of this population aged between 20 and 35 years not engaged in any work or business; additionally, seven in every 10 unemployed Kenyans are aged 35 years and below, raising debate on availability of jobs versus the lack of requisite training provided by local universities.

The University has introduced a career service office with different programmes to encourage students to follow their passion when choosing a profession to pursue, a process that does not stop after the student enrolls but goes on as they progress with their studies. This is coupled with post attachment engagements with students who have been spent time in industry attachment to review experience and further train them according to their respective needs.

The University has gone a further step to embed core values in the delivery of training and has enrolled students for community service initiatives to challenge them to create solutions to address the needs of society; additionally, learners benefit from regular industry exposure through job shadowing, career talks and interaction with HR experts.

“The issue of graduates decrying lack of employment and employers citing concern on the capability of scholars to meet industry demands that universities, in collaboration with public and private sector, drive focus on competency-based training to satisfy all stakeholders. At Zetech, our employability initiatives are pegged on ensuring graduates are trained to meet market demands and add value wherever they go.” said Prof. Njenga Munene, Vice Chancellor, Zetech University. He added that these efforts are aligned to the University’s endeavour to become one of the Best IT universities in Kenya

Zetech University Ajira Club beneficiaries trained on using digital media

In 2018, the University trained over 400 learners in the presidential digitalent programme and launched the Zetech Ajira club to ensure students are equipped for the market and adopt a positive attitude towards work.

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