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Varsity Fosters Community Engagement

Zetech University has always been at the forefront of community outreach while cementing its position in society as a University of the Community.
Zetech’s library team held an event at Young Life Africa Children’s home in Ruiru. Young life is a boys’ rescue and rehabilitation center that accommodates boys aged five to eighteen years.
The library team engaged the boys in cooking, cleaning, playing, farm activities and an Emerald competition. The boys also received mentorship and guidance on running their self-sustenance programmes such as beadwork, masonry, baking, dressmaking and greenhouse maintenance.
Speaking at the event, the director, Mr. Fred Wamanambi, who the boys have nicknamed solar panel due to his baldness lauded the importance of rescue centers venturing in self-sustenance projects instead of solely relying on well-wishers. This helps the young people be more productive once they are discharged into society and avoid relapsing into such as alcoholism, pre-marital sex.
“I believe that children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded. The empowerment of girls cannot be impactful if we neglect the boy. I have trained, mentored and coached these boys to be change-oriented gentlemen.”
Zetech University Vice-Chancellor, Prof Njenga Munene, constantly reiterates the fact that the community is a haven with which the institution has to coexist.
“When God made man, the first thing He noticed was that man was lonely and decided that it wasn’t good for man to be alone. If our existence has no impact on this community, then we will have failed. We will continue supporting our community and nurture our relationship with the County Government to ensure that we leave positive footprints wherever we go.’’
The University promises to give the best at its ability and is driven to bring on board meaningful change in society. It has also promised to avail ICT and communication programs.

Compiled by,
Tevin Nderitu.


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