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Varsity invests in free Diabetes screening and counseling

Diabetes has been prevalent and rapidly rising in middle and low-income countries, causing blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and lower limb amputation among patients. In response to this, and in the wake of the National Diabetes Month, the Zetech University Leo Club in partnership with the Lions Club of Ruiru Pioneer held an awareness event at the Thika Road campus for the local community, students and staff.

The programme included free screening and counseling sessions for the community by experts that served to educate the community on the condition and encourage them to live a healthy life.

Highlighting the need for creating awareness in the community, President of Ruiru Lion club Mr. Peter Kariuki echoed what Rosalynn Carter once said “Do what you can to show you care about other people, and you will make our world a better place.” He thanked the Zetech Leo Club for contributing to development of a healthy community, saying, “I pass my gratitude to the team leaders and our partners who made the event a success. I especially appreciate the Zetech team, led by Timothy Wangwe, for enhancing awareness around diabetes and providing free counseling and checkups to the Ruiru Community.” said Mr. Kariuki

The sweetness of fighting diabetes

As a major chronic disease that is affiliated to poor diet practice and other improper lifestyles that may be harmful to the body, it is proper for the community to safeguard citizens and aim for a low mortality rate where no lives are lost through this treated disease.

Advising on measures to curbs diabetes, Ms Jane Nduta, a nutritionist, commented on the types of food and modes of living healthy that everyone needed to know, “Diabetes and blood pressure are among major diseases affecting people globally and in Kenya. Constant screening is a way for people to know their status and get advise on the food they eat, the need for regular exercise and maintain normal body weight as well as avoiding use of tobacco.” she added.

Commenting on the need to have constant Diabetes awareness on campus, Moses Maina, Executive Director Corporate Affairs and also Patron of the Leo Club, challenged everyone to take up the initiative by ensuring they are fit and go for regular checkups at the hospital.

“Through the guidance of doctors and specialists, Diabetes can be treated and its consequences avoided or delayed with proper diet, physical activity, regular screening and treatment. We are grateful to our partners for honouring this call to educate citizens on Diabetes and provide free counseling.” He said.

Appreciating the free tests and advice, Mr. Michael Njenga, a resident of Ruiru, thanked the University for including the community members in the activity. In his statement, “I am very happy; my family and I have been tested and we are healthy and fit. Thank you Zetech for opening your doors to us”.

On her part, Hospitality and Nutrition student Maureen Karimu said, “Testing is a good to ensure that as students, we are healthy and productive. I am grateful for this screening because it was a concern for me, as some of my family members have Diabetes and blood pressure and I was scared that I may suffer the same fate.” She said, noting that she is happy to find out she does not have the condition.

In line with the big four agenda of free health care, the University can never underestimate the benefit of having a healthy community of students, staff and families, and has committed to play its role trough sustainable community-based programmes.

Compiled by Martha Mumbi, Student, Media Department

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