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Varsity resumes face to face teaching in phased reopening programme

Zetech University has implemented a phased reopening following a press release dated 29th September 2020 released by the Ministry of Education on the re-opening of Universities and tertiary institutions. The University kicked off the resumption of face to face learning on 12th October 2020, with students visiting the campus to start their first year studies while those doing practicals reporting to their stations to continue their courses.

University Vice Chancellor Prof. Njenga Munene noted that the reopening was a welcome development and notifying students, staff and parents on the phased reopening process and guidelines to ensure everyone stays safe following the Covid-19 preparedness guidelines outlined by the Government and the World Health Organisation. In a memo, he noted that a targeted cohort of students would be allowed to report while others progress with blended learning to avoid interruption of learning. He shared that the following groups would be expected to report to their respective campuses:
a. New Government Sponsored students in year one semester one unable to join online studies;
b. Students pursuing CHTM, DHM and BHTM (Year 2 sem1, Year 3 sem 2 and Year 4 sem 1);
c. All Zetech Business Technical Institute (KNEC/ICM) students. Please note that the candidates for March 2020 examination series are to attend rehearsal on 8th October 2020 for examinations starting on 12th October 2020.

Prof. Munene further noted that other classes would be expected to proceed with online learning until the end of the semester; “All continuing students for the September –December 2020 semester will continue with blended learning till the end of the semester. This will allow you to continue benefiting from the discounted fees, free data bundles for learning and the flexibility that comes with this mode of learning.” He added.

The Institution has put in place the necessary precautionary measures to ensure students, staff and visitors stay safe and to adhere to the COVID-19 health and safety protocols, which include body temperature checks, observance of high levels of hygiene, hand washing/use of sanitizers as well as observing guidelines on the proper use of masks and social distancing.

As the developments unfold, Zetech is working diligently to ensure a smooth transition and delivery of quality service, both for online and face to face learning. The University appreciates the support from the stakeholders in ensuring students progress with their studies without a hitch.

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