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We are ready for online practicals, students say

Change is an inevitable factor that always come and studying online during this Covid-19 pandemic period has become a new normal. We asked three Zetech University students on how they feel about online studies and online practicals, and this is what they shared:

“I really miss the face to face lectures, that I can’t deny, but I have also adjusted and I enjoy the online classes a lot. The fact that the University gives us bundles makes it easy for us to access the lessons without the hustle of wondering where we will get data.” said Ian, a Communication and Media Student.

Electrical Engineering student Kevin appreciates the convenience of attending virtual classes, saying, “Online classes are so convenient; I am able to do my work and also attend classes without the pressure of being late.” He said.
The University transitioned to online blended learning early Aprils following the impact of the pandemic and all students had to join the Zetech Digital School to progress with their studies and graduate on time.

“Zetech has eased the online learning experience and made it feel like am in an actual class. I especially love how I can still get to share my opinions and ideas with friends during our classes” said Mercy, a Hospitality Student

Online practicals
As the Government decides when to reopen institutions, Zetech has gone a step further to conduct online practicals through simulations and videos. Commenting on the development, Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics Dr. Alice Njuguna noted that to ensure studies are uninterrupted, practical lessons are being administered online for technical courses like Engineering and Hospitality. “The practice of teaching practicals online is a global practice, done through simulations and YouTube and it is prudent that we adapt to our current situation and ensure students continue with their classes.” She said.

According to Communication student Ian, the videos are timely and easy to understand. “I feel like they are those DIY videos we love to watch. It is easy following step by step, learn and understand how to get final results” Ian said. He also appreciated the detailed explanation of components of various practicals that makes students feel like they are in a face to face class.

Hospitality trainee Mercy, on her part, admits that even though the sessions are engaging, she misses being in school and interacting with the equipment available on campus. “I long ot go back to campus and enjoy direct engagement with equipment and my colleagues as we learn how to become experts in the Hospitality industry.” She said.


Compiled by Mark Muhoro, Student, Media Arts and Design

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