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Why study at Zetech University

This week, Journalism and Media Studies student Rahab Watare compiles a few reasons why one should choose to study at Zetech University and how best to invent one’s future.

1. Quality education
The University is accredited by the Commission for University Education and offers quality education to thousands of students from Kenya and beyond. As an ISO 900:2015 certified institution, Zetech has employed qualified and motivated staff to provide training.

2. Friendly Learning environment
The University is located in a serene and ideal environment which enables the students to study in the most comfortable way. Spacious lecture halls, ultra modern library, state of the art auditorium and executive study areas are a plus. Isn’t this what you require to excel?

3. Flexible study options to suit you
We know that life can be complicated because of different kinds of commitments. Zetech offers you flexible study options to suit your lifestyle; you can choose to study full or part time at any of our campuses, as well as the option of studying online.

4. Skills development
We all look forward to getting great opportunities after our studies. To achieve this, you require the necessary skills. The curriculum integrates real world expertise with practical skills to give our students a competitive edge. Students are also trained on: employability, entrepreneurship, public speaking, leadership and management, among other life skills.

5. Co-curricular activities
Depending on your area of interest, Zetech offers a range of extra yet essential activities. We have clubs such as fashion and modeling, I-Tech, Christian Union, public speaking, drama and music club, Rotaract, Lions club, to name a few. One can also join any sports; soccer, basketball, martial arts, rugby and indoor games.

6. Partnerships and community outreach
It is at the interest of the University to see the great success of its students. Therefore, Zetech has partnered with several companies and government to prepare students access internships and jobs, as well as impact society.

7. We give you all the support you need while you study
Our student mentor and learning advisers can give you all sorts of guidance and support for learning, assignments and projects as well as examinations.

8. Students are vibrant and friendly:

Zetech University has the best and most interactive students, from diverse cultures and countries. It is easy to make friends and connect with people.


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    Best offering university in journalism and media department

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