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Zetech Code IT Club hosts webinar on software engineering

The Zetech Code IT Club has been a busy lot during this quarantine period, balancing between online classes, personal projects and club activities to better prepare them for the industry. The Club this week engage the Facebook Developers Circle Nairobi who agreed to provide experts, mentors and resources for an interactive webinar with the Zetech IT fraternity. The Club is part of the Faculty of ICT, a leading school that offers some of the best IT programmes in the country.

The Webinar, dubbed “Market expectations and preparation for new software engineers” was held on 25th June and featured leading experts in the industry, including, James Komo, a full-stack developer majoring in python and Java Scripts paths, and Samuel Waithaka, a software Engineer with ABC Bank.
According to Christopher Achinga, an IT student at the University and the president of the Code IT club, the session was successful with experts engaging with over 20 participants, with some students requesting to have the recording for reference.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the session and it was a pleasure to host the two speakers from the software engineering field who talked to us about on how to prepare for the job Market. They also shared market insights and trained us on how to brand oneself for jobs.” Said Chris.
He added that he and his colleagues are careful to use the period to manage their online learning wisely so as to enhance their skill in IT and project development. The passionate IT trainee, who developed a website to track COVID-19 numbers, urged his comrades to ensure they make the most of online resources accessible to those eager to learn.

Lauding the learners for going the extra mile to engage experts despite being at home, the University DVC- Academics, Research, Extension and Student Affairs Dr. Alice Njuguna noted that the institution is continuing with learning and other student activities through online programmes to ensure continuity. “We are happy with the progress our students are making by continuing with club activities that impart to them additional skills for the market.” She said, adding, “we are optimistic that as we admit more than 1900 government-sponsored students placed by KUCCPS, they will join ongoing learners in this collaborative initiatives.

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