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Zetech embarks on campaign to get players in class

Zetech University has embarked on a campaign to scout and recruit sports men and women to pursue higher education to enhance their sports and professional careers. Through community initiatives in slum areas within Nairobi County that are home to upcoming sports academies, the University has challenged young sports men and women to invest in education and leverage on the online blended learning provision offered by the University.

Following a partnership with the Kenya Football Welfare Association secured in 2019, the University has reached hundreds of young, ambitious players who are leveraging on community sports academies to nurture their talent and sharpen their skills, while learning life skills to enable them pursue their sports dreams.

According to Vice Chancellor Professor Njenga Munene, education is a critical tool for success for young people across all sectors and it is important that they understand this from a young age. “Education is what sets talented people apart from their peers and teaches them to not only manage their careers but also life skills and entrepreneurship. Our work with KEFWA has generated increased interest with players, with over 20 footballers enrolling for our September 2020 intake.” said Prof. Njenga. He further noted that programmes such as Sports Science, Business and IT are popular among players as they complement the other skills they access through sports.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University Corporate and Sports Arm has visited community-led sports centres including the Slum Dunk Academy and the Mathare Goalkeepers Academy which was founded by Zetech Titans Goalkeeper and ICT student Levis Otieno Ojuok; the campaign resulted in increased interest in education among talented boys and girls in primary and secondary school who are eager to excel. Additionally, the players and their families were gifted with food donations to help them cope with the negative impact on livelihoods caused by the pandemic.

Highlighting the need to challenge young players to value education and stir in them the desire to learn, the University Corporate Affairs Director Moses Maina said, “All over the world, we see exemplary sports men and women pursuing higher education and we have taken it upon ourselves as Zetech to go to the different communities and encourage players in this country to enroll for online studies.” He added that the University has for over seven years invested in a sports scholarship programme, investing millions to ensure sports players grow their talent and get university education, to give them a head start in life.

With retired players such as KEFWA President James Situma taking a course in Business studies and veteran player Stephen Waruru pursuing a course in Criminology and Security studies at the University, the interest in education in the sports world in the county is bound to grow through this initiative.


  1. Posted by Carlton Joseph| July 25, 2022 AT 10 am |

    Got a C- in my kcse,how does one apply for a scholarship,mama’s in a rough position, I’m a footballer,highest level played is Div 2 with Uweza FC,

  2. Posted by Victor Omondi Ochieng| August 24, 2022 AT 05 pm |

    I’m Victor Ochieng former kisumu day goalkeeper and also gormahia youth goalkeeper I’m interested in joining the school

  3. Posted by Mark| September 15, 2022 AT 01 pm |

    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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