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Zetech Innovator develops 3D hologram

The University is celebrating innovators following the launch of the Zetech Innovation Hub designed to provide the requisite environment for eager and ambitious students who want to change the world through technology.

One such student is Brian Mbuvi, a Bachelor of Science in Informational Technology student who derived a concept from a fidget spin to develop a modern 3D hologram fan, a 3D projection that exists freely in space and is visible to everyone without the need for 3D glasses.
Brain, who is passionate about animation and AI, notes that the journey began early this year when he realized that he could create a beautiful innovation that would later receive attention from the Country.

“I was releasing stress using my fidget spin when a light bulb came on and I realized it is possible to create something that can be seen through the heightened spins. This is what triggered the start of an ongoing journey to serve the world through cutting edge technology.” said Mbuvi, who doubles up as an animation expert.
Once he came up with the idea, he embarked on developing his first fan and contacted several manufacturers; this resulted in a finished product done in China that Mbuvi got to display during the Trend, an entertainment show aired live on Ntv from Zetech University.

The Journey

According to Mbuvi, he decided to engage his friend Ronald Ambundo to assist him on a few things. This was the beginning of his journey in taking an entrepreneurial approach to his project. “Ronald has been a great asset and is now a partner in this. With his help, we engaged the Dean, School of Business at Zetech University who loved our project and started linking us up with potential partners.” said Mbuvi, adding, “We then registered a business, Advaclick, that will run the project as we work towards getting investors to partner with us in development of the products which we have patented.”

The aim of these eager entrepreneurs is to become a leading source of technology in Africa through outstanding innovation and collaboration with investors to create solutions. He noted that they are keen on scaling up to create 7D images that will revolutionise how Africa advertises products and services.
This growth reflects the investment and focus the University has placed on innovation and entrepreneurship as we empower students to invent their future.

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