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Zetech mentors young sports persons in Mathare

The University has extended a mentorship programme to younger basketball men and women at Slum Dunk Basketball Academy in Mathare. The special visit by the institution’s basketball teams and the coaches had the Academy family enjoy mentorship in life skills, sports and education.

The Academy is home to at least 100 teenagers from various primary schools and high schools who live within the slums of Mathare who have talent in basketball. The players are treated to talent improvement workouts and inspired to pursue their dream, despite their current status.

Thankful for the support, Mr. Sylvester Dindi, Head Coach at Slum Dunk, appreciated the University for the thoughtful idea in reaching out to the younger generation and investing in early identification of talent, “I wish to pass my sincere gratitude to Zetech University headed by basketball coaches Maurice Obilo and Job Munene for always making this Slum Dunk a priority in shaping and mentoring our young players at this early stage.” said Mr. Dindi.

Zetech basketball ladies (Zetech Sparks) Coach Maurice Obilo and also the Assistant coach of the academy remains hopeful and committed to help the Slum Dunk players sharpen their skills and ultimately access the sports scholarship programmes run by the University to ensure they undertake higher education even as they play the sport. “Currently, the academy has supported 30 girls and 20 boys on full sponsorship and mentorship programmes while pursuing their education.” added Coach Obilo.

While encouraging the young ballers, Executive Director, Corporate Affairs and Sports Mr. Moses Maina challenged them to keep striving and make good use of every opportunity available to them. “Anyone in sports has added advantage in life as sports is real life application at all time. Pursue your career with all the energy and balance it all with talent growth and I assure you, the University we shall be on the frontline to support you,” he said.

Uplifting and Partnership
After a successful workout in the field, the University handed over a hand of food donation to the academy which is a key necessity in these unprecedented times of the Corona Virus. “Most families within Mathare survive on a KES 60 meal a day, with many children, thus this donation is timely and has put a smile on the ballers’ faces,” added Mr. Dindi.

The University remains a commitment to support the academy through extended mentorships programmes. “We pledge our support to the Academy to train the players to be all round sportsmen and women who are change agents in the society.” added Coach Obilo.


Written by Felix Ochwal

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