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Zetech Student Innovates COVID-19 Dashboard

In response to the global pandemic and in tracking daily updates in the world, Chris Achinga who is pursuing his Bachelor of Science Information Technology at Zetech University has invented a COVID-19 dashboard to show the statistics of daily recorded cases.

Driven by programming ideas to show numbers and charts of the pandemic, the young innovator embarked on learning programming ideas after the closure of schools to give updates on the rise the infectious disease. Chris challenged himself to devise a way to get data using monitoring the pandemic stats within code and came up with the solution https://codid19.netlify.app/ which captures daily updates on his website.

Commenting on his Covid 19 chart board, Chris notes that learning JavaScript Fetch APIs to make an innovation for 26 days day and night continually without giving up was not easy. “Coming up with innovations is not easy. I remember my first attempts were full of errors and bugs. Sometimes, I was overwhelmed but I finally maneuvered to create a solution that can effectively monitor the pandemic and display them on the site,” he said.

Applauding the significant role of young innovators who work round the clock to ensure that a new phase of approach has been invented, the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics, Research, Extension and Student Affairs Dr. Alice Njuguna appreciated Chris for honing his skills in programming targeted at making life easier.

In her statement, “As a University, our major role remains to train and allow students as we walk with them along their journey to design innovative solutions that impact lives. Such innovations are made possible when giving equal chances to every student as we charge them to think beyond a problem and become solution providers in the era of technology and innovation.” She said.

While undertaking his online studies dutifully, the young Innovator plans to build more apps that will benefit the UN’s SDGs during his years as a student. Chris shares that he enjoys the Blended Learning mode during the day and works on programming activities at night.

“I want to create innovations that work and develop solutions for the world.” Chris added.


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