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Zetech banks on deal with Samchi to promote employability

In an effort to bridge the gap between academia and industry, Zetech University has entered a partnership with Samchi Group to provide internship and employment opportunities to students. The two firms signed a Memorandum of Understanding governing collaboration to equip students for the market through practical training.

Leveraging on Samchi’s large distribution network, the MOU will aid the University achieve its vision through pairing academic knowledge and practical experience while preparing qualified manpower in the areas of IT, business, hospitality and digital media.

Commenting on the partnership, University Vice Chancellor Prof Njenga Munene lauded the move, citing the need for the education sector to collaborate extensively with industry players to develop capable graduates,

“Through this partnership, our learners will enjoy the opportunity to execute skills acquired in a practical environment and better understand the job market. It is our hope that through this engagement, we will better demonstrate the relevance between academic courses and workplace requirements and revise curriculum to address any gaps,” he said, adding, “The invaluable feedback given to the students and the institution will increase the viability of trainees, making them better graduates.”

On their part, Samchi endeavours to build a workforce to contribute to the Country’s economy while serving its community mandate in helping young people pursue careers in areas they are passionate about, with over 50 students being absorbed in the first intake,

“This is a great chance for the Samchi to share experiences, insights and knowledge with students and, subsequently, improve supervisory and motivational skills of employees.” said the firm’s founder and Chief Executive Officer Esther Muchemi.

She further noted that the partnership between institutions of higher learning and the market players cultivates a symbiotic relationship where both parties can play an active role in helping students to become productive citizens and enhance university culture in Kenya.

Additionally, through the partnership that has already seen several students absorbed under the mentorship arm of the programme, students and faculty will access opportunities through the Give Me My Mountain series as well as benefit from public lecturers by Ms. Muchemi.

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