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Zetech University’s measures in dealing with COVID-19

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1. All persons will be required to sanitize using the normal hand sanitizing dispensers and automatic dispensers installed at the main entrance or at hand washing stations within the University.
2. All persons accessing the University will be expected to wear face masks properly throughout their stay on the premises.
3. All members of the University and community will be sensitized on health and safety measures to be observed in line with World Health Organization, Ministry of Health and University guidelines.
4. Development of regular, approved updates via text messaging on the measures the University has put in place to reduce the risks of infection.
5. Sending bi-weekly updates on prevention and dealing with COVID-19 via social media, WhatsApp and text messages.
6. Leveraging on social media to educate the community on COVID-19 prevention and control.
7. Development of posters and notices on covid-19 prevention and control and post at campus premises for reference by the community.
8. Content development advising students, parents and the community members on productive activities to engage in to encourage them to stay home and stay safe.
9. Installation of no-touch thermometers for temperature checks by an adequate number of security guards at entry points.
10. Ensure any communication to the parent of the affected student/s has been approved by the DVC- Academics, Research, Extension and Student Affairs.
11. A University Covid-19 communication response team set up to handle communication between clients and the University.
12. Provision of a blended learning programme for online degree, diplomas and certificate to allow students to continue learning despite covid-19.
13. Provision of a hotline for students and parents to report COVID-19 infections.
14. Where possible, verify any reported case through the hotlines provides or from physical case registration and report it to the University Covid-19 Response committee.
15. Provision of counselling services for staff and the immediate community following the impact of the pandemic on their livelihoods.
16. Publishing videos and website material that incorporate promotion of covid-19 prevention and control.
17. Equip the University clinic with necessary drugs, provide the University health workers with adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and make necessary arrangements with hospitals where sick students and staff who require hospitalization will be referred to for treatment.
18. Have a designated healthy and safety worker who will ensure compliance.
19. All students and staff will be encouraged to have National Health Insurance Fund cover.
20. In case of infections and/or fatalities, provide psychosocial support through the official communication tools provided available.

Channels of Communication
1. Hotline
2. Bulk SMS
3. Email
4. Phone calls
5. Social media.

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