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Competency-based curricular solution to unemployment, Zetech Don says

The University Vice Chancellor Prof Njenga Munene today spoke to Hope TV on his views on how Kenya can overcome the alarming rate on unemployment. In the country. According to a recent World Bank report.Kenya has to create at least 900,000 jobs annually between now and 2025 to absorb the high number of youths joining the job market,

In the engaging interview with Zetech University alumni Mark Kimondo, who is now the Head of Human interest stories at the Hope media station, Prof. Munene noted that one of the greatest contributor to the growing rate of unemployment is the importing of many goods to the country inhibiting expansion of local industries that would provide numerous jobs to the youth.

“I strongly believe that the importing of items to the country affects the availability of jobs for our young people. I agree with the President on the buy Kenya build Kenya campaign that will enhance manufacturing and generate work for the unemployed.” said Prof Munene, advising Kenyans not to be picky in the kinds of jobs they want. He added that traditional jobs such as farming still require the services of professionals such as accountants and hence, graduates need to look hard enough to secure these opportunities.
Competency-based learning

Sharing his view how the education system in Kenya contributes to absorption of graduates in the job market, Prof Munene highlighted that the competency-based approach adopted in the new system is a forward step in empowering Kenyans to identify problems and devise solutions, which will result in job creation. “The practical approach of learning is encouraging as it will teach students to approach life practically and empower them to compete with students from all over the world.” He added. As a University, he noted, collaborations have been formed with leading corporates such as Samchi and Brighter Monday to secure attachment opportunities for learning to ensure they get the requisite practical skills needed for their area of interest.

He concluded by lauding the presenter Kimondo, who was an active media student at Zetech, for leveraging on the available resources on campus to sharpen his broadcasting skills and secure himself a job in the industry. He encouraged him to be diligent in his work as he eras an honest living.

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