Program Goal

The programme intends to equip students with a wide range of software, technical and technological ICT skills required in the industry at diploma level. On graduation, the student is expected to develop and apply IT solutions to solve practical business problems.

This programme empowers students to use skills gained to use technology in managing and supporting business related computer systems. This course also bridges the existing knowledge gap in organisational data storage, business continuity, disaster recovery, security, business analytics and optimisation and enterprise architecture.

Career Opportunities

  • IT Consultant
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Systems Manager
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Software Application Developer
  • IT Manager
  • Data Recovery Manager

Programme Goals

  • To produce IT specialists capable of providing IT business solutions.
  • To prepare professionals with high quality IT knowledge and skills so as to take care of IT business related matters.
  • To develop IT solutions and so as to enhance business and organizational efficiency.
  • Develop analytical and logical thinking, problem solving, communication skills and team work.
  • Acquire business principals in real world perspectives.

Duration of Programme

  • Four(4) trimesters

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • An aggregate mean grade of C- and above in K.C.S.E
  • D- in Mathematics
  • D- in either English or Kiswahili OR Relevant qualification approved by the University Senate

Learning Outcomes

  • Plan and implement computer applications in IT industry.
  • Use Information Technology effectively in the work environment to analyze, identify and define organization requirements and opportunities.
  • Design, install and manage computer networked systems.
  • Analyse the impact of technology on individuals, organizations and society, including ethical, legal and policy issues.


YEAR 1 SEMESTER 1        

  • DAC 203    Financial Accounting I    
  • DCU 100    Communication Skills    
  • DCU 101    Information Communication and Technology And Ethics    
  • DIT 101    Computer Applications    
  • DIT 104    Basic Mathematics    
  • DIT 105    Desktop Publishing               

YEAR 1 SEMESTER 2        

  • DCS 104    Electronics    
  • DIT 201    System Analysis And Design    
  • DIT 203    Database Systems    
  • DIT 205    Computer Networks/ CCNA    
  • DIT 206    Principles Of Computer Support And Maintenance    
  • DSE 101    Structured Programming                   

YEAR 2 SEMESTER 1        

  • DBT 303    Research Methods In It (System Proposal)    
  • DIT 301    Object Oriented Programming    
  • DIT 303    Software Engineering    
  • DIT 304    Advanced Database    
  • DSE 306    Object Oriented System Analysis And Design    
  • DSE 403    Web Development I

YEAR 2  SEMESTER 2        

  • DCU 102    Entrepreneurship Skills    
  • DCU 300    Industrial attachment    
  • DIT 407    Advanced Object Oriented Programming    
  • DIT 409    Network Design And Administration    
  • DIT 410    Advanced Principles Of Computer Support And Maintenance    
  • DSE 505    Web Development II    
  • DSE 506    Research Project (Final Project)   

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