Program Goal

This Programme equips graduates with both practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of electrical and electronics engineering. It is a three-semester structured programme undertaken within a calendar year and seeks to equip students with hands-on skills and knowledge in the field of electrical engineering.

Target Group

  • Students who wish to work as electrical engineers.
  • Students in a relevant engineering field or,
  • Professionals currently working in relevant occupations and who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in electrical engineering.
  • Studentswhowishtopursuehigherlevelsoflearninginelectricalengineering

Career Opportunities

  • Lab technicians
  • Hardware engineer
  • Web developer
  • Network architect
  • Electrical engineer

Programme Duration and Structure

This certificate course shall be offered in eight Five (5) terms.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Understand mathematical concepts relevant to electrical and electronics engineering field.
  • To understand general engineering concepts and perform electrical and electronics systems installations.
  • To appreciate the role of ICT in engineering.
  • To be able to service, maintain and repair electrical and electronics appliances and systems.

Progression path

Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Power option)

Bachelor degree in ICT/Engineering.


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