Zetech University has unveiled its first Master of Business Administration (MBA) course in its sustained bid to develop market driven courses that are in line with the needs of the job market in various learning areas. The MBA is hoped to equip graduates with competencies in key areas such as entrepreneurship and innovation, finance and investment, business intelligence and analytics, human resource management, procurement and logistics, and strategic management. According to Vice-Chancellor Prof Njenga Munene, the MBA was developed following a high demand for a course that produces leaders who are change-makers in their areas of specialization in management. “Our institution has been on a steady “Our institution has been on a steady journey that has seen us grow from a diploma offering college to a fully commissioned degree offering University. This has given us a deep understanding ofhigher education and its market needs. Now that we have launched our MBA, we will begin working on our Ph.D. so that the chain is complete,” said Prof Njenga. The institution involved the commission for University Education (CUE), key industry players, and stakeholders from the inception to the launch of its MBA, to ensure that the MBA satisfies the current industry needs. Among these stakeholders are Samchi Group of companies, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) and the Institute of Human Resource.