CUE was satisfied that Zetech University has adequate facilities, human, library and financial resources, viable relevant academic programmes and a sound governance structure

Nairobi, 2nd August 2022…… Zetech University was officially awarded a Charter by H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta, having fulfilled the regulatory requirements and after a rigorous assessment by the Commission for University Education (CUE). With the award of the Charter, the University will now focus on sustaining and strengthening Academic and Scholarly Excellence in Teaching and Research as it continues to deliver market-driven programmes, cutting-edge research and innovation to serve society.

Speaking at the award of the Charter ceremony held at the Kakamega State Lodge, H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta lauded the dedication of Zetech University to providing holistic higher education to Kenyans and the region.

“You have earned this Charter having satisfied stringent requirements over a number of years. We now entrust our children to you and this is a heavy responsibility that we hope you will discharge in the best way possible. I urge you to continue engaging the industry players, both public and private so that you incorporate the industry needs, knowledge and innovation in your pursuit of knowledge creation.”

In acceptance of the Charter, Zetech University Chancellor, Prof. Susan Alfano Nkinyangi, said “There is an insatiable demand for industrious and virtuous young professionals with the right work ethic and necessary ethos for current global challenges. That’s what Zetech University has been endorsed to continue doing in conjunction with all stakeholders. We appreciate the government for recognising that private institutions play a vital role in promoting public welfare.”

On his part, Zetech University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr Njenga Muneneexpressed confidence that the now Chartered University will continue providing quality education while equipping students with skills and competencies that add value to society.

“The award of the Charter by the President of the Republic of Kenya is public acceptance and confirmation that Zetech University is committed to meeting the standards of academic excellence set by the Commission for University Education,” Prof. Munene said.

The Vice-Chancellor noted that after a robust assessment and engagement, CUE was satisfied that Zetech University has adequate facilities, human, library and financial resources, viable relevant academic programmes and a sound governance structure and consequently recommended us for the award of Charter.

The University Council representative Prof. Harriet Kidombo lauded the University management and staff for their dedication to the delivery of the University mandate.

“With the award of the Charter, the Council and Management of Zetech University now have the affirmation to confidently play its rightful role of offering quality Education, Training, Research and Innovation for sustainable development and providing the much-needed solutions in the society both locally and globally.

About Zetech University

Zetech University is an ISO-certified premier university offering exceptional learning to thousands of students from Kenya and beyond. Our mission is to promote excellence in education and research by integrating innovation, entrepreneurship and technology to impact society. We offer a wide range of market-driven programmes in the Schools of ICT, Media & Engineering, Education, Arts & Social Sciences, Business & Economics.

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