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wrsetaIn a graduation held in South Africa on 26 th March 2024 at Witwatersrand University, Zetech University, and the Wholesale and Retail Sector Education and Training Authority (W&RSETA) celebrated the successful culmination of their pioneering Informal Traders Exchange Programme – a significant milestone in the upskilling and support of SMEs.

The 111 businesses from South Africa were empowered with essential business management skills focused on technology and innovation and immersed in Nairobi’s booming informal trade to drive the growth of the South African informal retail trade. The journey didn’t end there; participants received six months of invaluable mentorship and financial literacy training from Zetech University to further support their growth plans and aspirations. The W&RSETA also supported them with financial grants to invest in their businesses.

Over the past eight months, the informal traders have undergone a transformative journey of learning, growth, and empowerment as part of the business development and capacitation programme which began in August 2023.

The Certification Ceremony and Showcase Event at Wits University provided a platform for participants to share their learnings, the impact of the programme which included new business opportunities, expansions and formalisation; as well as future prospects with esteemed panels comprising senior officials from the W&RSETA, Zetech University, Wits University, and the retail sector. This event not only celebrated individual successes but also underscored the collective impact of collaboration and education in fostering sustainable growth and opportunity.

“As we reflect on the journey thus far, it’s evident that this collaboration has not only empowered informal traders but has also laid the foundation for continued progress and innovation within the Wholesale and Retail Sector. The stories shared today serve as a testament to the transformative power of education, mentorship, and collaborative efforts in driving positive change and economic empowerment” said W&RSETA CEO, Mr Tom Mkhwanazi.

“For a very long time, this category of business, the SMEs has been getting little or no attention. I applaud W&RSETA, led by the CEO Mr. Tom Mkwanazi for identifying this existing gap to empower this category of businesses. It is the convergence of this mutual perspective of both Zetech University and W&RSETA that birthed this program; one of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa. The Informal Traders Exchange Program is today certifying 111 business owners, trained, internationally immersed and equipped with the necessary business and entrepreneurial skills critical to running successful enterprises.” Prof. Njenga Munene -Vice Chancellor Zetech University, Kenya.

The Deputy Director General for Skills Development at the Department of Higher Education and Training in South Africa lauded the programme noting that it is in line with the agenda of Kenya and South Africa in innovating startups and MSMEs in Africa and ensuring the scale-up in an enabling environment for African entrepreneurs to create jobs in Africa because big business is a ripple effect of small business.

The Wits Entrepreneurship Clinic (WEC) is excited to have been part of the team that delivered the training to the informal traders, which aligns with the vision of WEC of increasing entrepreneurial activity in South Africa through easing entrepreneurial entry and empowering individuals through entrepreneurial skills. Edwell Gumbo, Director of WEC said “at the heart of the mission of Wits Entrepreneurship Clinic lies a steadfast commitment to uplifting communities and fostering economic empowerment through targeted training of entrepreneurs and providing access to resources within Wits University”.

Zetech University is working with like-minded organisations, in seeking more partnerships and collaborations in the zeal to empower MSMEs and SMEs in Kenya and Internationally to help them with financial literacy training. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academics, Prof. Alice Njuguna, in addition, noted the skills training included, entrepreneurship and innovation training, business planning, digital marketing, and business automation.

inua biasharaThe Inua Biashara Program was launched on 21st March 2024 at Zetech University Technology Park Mang’u Campus, an upcoming business reality TV program that marks a significant initiative designed to allow entrepreneurs in Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises to pitch their businesses and get financial support while addressing the challenges they face and providing them with a platform for growth and development.

The Inua Biashara Program is a project formed by a consortium of Zetech University, Safaricom PLC, KCB Bank, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Homeboyz PLC, Umbrella TV, Dynamics Marketing Solutions Co. Ltd., and Yali Kenya.

Small and Micro enterprises popularly known as SMEs are the engines of growth, vital to most economies. “Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) are the backbone of the African economy, accounting for the majority of businesses and providing employment opportunities to millions of people. However, MSMEs in Africa face several challenges that limit their growth and development. These challenges include; inadequate infrastructure, lack of technology and innovation, weak regulatory frameworks, limited access to markets, and limited access to finance.” Zetech University Vice Chancellor and Chair to the consortium, Prof. Njenga Munene noted.

Prof. Njenga further reiterated that Inua Biashara program is a platform that does not just empower the individual business, but a program that will level the playing field, empowering SMEs, and that Zetech University will be at the forefront to offer the necessary financial literacy.

Entrepreneurs in small businesses and start-ups, through this program, will get the opportunity to pitch their business, while sourcing finances, market linkages providing access to a wider market, business networks, government services, investors, and sourcing raw materials.

The Inua Biashara partners and stakeholders will help in sponsoring the program. The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry will coordinate the consortium and assist in inviting entrepreneurs and financiers through the Mastercard Jiinue Fund, Safaricom will market program and take part in vetting the entrepreneurs, KCB Bank and Yali Kenya plays a part in offering financial support and advice to entrepreneurs through the Jiajiri Program, Dynamics Marketing Ltd. will onboard sponsors and bring in investors to support entrepreneurs.

MSMEs, SMEs, and Startups can register their business for the Inua Biashara Program on the Inua Biashara Platform, on the Inua Biashara website. “After registering on the application form and submitting, the vetting committee then sits and combs through all the applications; 20 to 30 of the best applications are then picked to come and pitch in person to the panel; afterward, 16 applicants go live on the TV show and express their business needs to the panel, who will then respond with the offer they see fit to the Inua Bashara Program.” Mr Dan Miano, from the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, explained.

He further noted that the program is set to be aired on TV countrywide on Sundays from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm on Umbrella TV, Homeboyz TV, NTV, YouTube TV, and other interested stations. The program is set to officially kick on TV on the 28th of April 2024.

ASIA, BENGALURU, INDIATechnological transformation has a serious impact on the education space. Zetech University has harnessed these aspects of technologies and made them a key component of their training.

As digitalisation spreads in education, it is vital to understand its relation to student engagement.Zetech University in partnership with Christ University in Bengaluru, India, has offered students a one-week academic exchange program from 10 th March 2024 to 17 th March 2024 to learn innovation technologies from Bengaluru which is known as the Silicon Valley of Asia also referred to as the Tech City of India.

During the flagging of the first cohort of this exchange program, Zetech University Vice Chancellor Prof. Njenga Munene noted that six students will be heading to India. “This inaugural international academic trip is a demonstration of our commitment to ensure that our students are globally competitive. It also contributes to students’ experience, giving them a niche in driving innovation, a tech-future and the creation of digital jobs.” The Vice Chancellor remarked.

The students will be given an opportunity to attend lecture sessions by the faculty from Christ University and also gain tech insights from Industry experts from India. They will also get a chance to visit companies, an outlook of community development projects by NGOs in India and among others, visits to cultural centres.

The Exchange Program will benefit the students with international exposure gaining globally competitive skills advantage, hands-on learning tech-experience delivered by Industry experts, enhanced social skills and self-confidence, creating life-long memories, and an exquisite experience in Indian hospitality. This will in effect enrich their curriculum and enhance the academic performance of the students – giving them an innovative mindset.

There are various educational benefits accrued from digitalisation and innovative technology.With the visit to the Silicon Valley of Asia, Zetech University aims to create a world for students to seek innovative technologies for a better digital future.

ZETECH UNIVERSITY AND LOYOLA UNIVERSITYYesterday, Zetech University hosted a group of staff and MBA students from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California at the Technology Park, Mang’u Campus.

As part of the University’s student experience towards a Global Student Exchange Programme,to enhance our students' global competitiveness, and prepare them for both local and international market dynamics, the immersion session with Loyola Marymount University will offer continued partnership in achieving this goal.

Prof. Gitau Kamau, MBA Coordinator & Chairman of Business Incubation, Dr. Catherine Chege and Dr. Beauttah Mwangi, Mang’u Campus Director welcomed the team from Loyola Marymount University to Zetech University.

On behalf of the Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Ms Esther Mwangi took the guests through the programs offered at the institution, including student activities, achievements in robotics, AI, and carbon emission solutions, and projects supported by the iZet Hub.

The Loyola Marymount University team, led by Dr. Dayle Smith, Dr. Kelly Watson and Ellen Esten, shared insights with Zetech University students on the iBESCC (International Business Ethics and Sustainability Case Competition) - a hybrid competition held online on a chosen business problem, an analysis of the ethical, sustainable, legal and financial aspects and/or viable solutions on all fronts. Dr. Smith suggested a similar competition between the Loyola Marymount students and Zetech students.

They also shared insights on sustainable courses, suited to churn the student to contribute better to society in the people first, planet then profit later model. They are also keen on collaborative courses done as group projects for the common good, with MBA students ranging in diverse fields from sociology, health, engineering to business to share their perspectives.

The two teams had an interactive session and discussed the Kenya business landscape at a glance. The session also offered an opportunity for our faculty and students to network and share best practices in businesses.

Zetech University Empowering Micro,Small and Medium EntrepreneursThe University Leadership, spearheaded by Vice Chancellor Prof. Njenga Munene, proudly accepted the certificate and cheque presented by the Head of Professional Certifications and IZet Hub Mr. Samuel Kinuthia. Zetech University's outstanding achievement as the sole representative from East Africa to clinch a spot on the medals list in the 3rd edition of the ATU Innovation Challenge is a testament to its unwavering dedication to fostering innovation and excellence.

Zetech University Empowering Micro,Small and Medium EntrepreneursTo further our internationalisation efforts, Zetech University participated in a significant meeting with a high-level Polish delegation, led by the Polish President.As part of our commitment to fostering global partnerships, we welcomed select delegates to the Technology Park Mang'u Campus.

We engaged in fruitful discussions exploring potential avenues for partnership and collaboration

Zetech University Empowering Micro,Small and Medium EntrepreneursZetech University engages actors in the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) ecosystem to discuss linkages and opportunities in the sector to drive impact through Training, Capacity Building, and Advocacy.

The partners include Kenya National Chambers of Commerce & Industry Nairobi-County -Kiambu Chapter, Micro and Small Enterprises Authority - MSEA , Kiambu County Government, and Master Craftsmen Association.

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programTo celebrate the Kenyan spirit of Utamaduni or the Culture of giving back to society and 25 years of scholarly excellence, Zetech University donated 25 mobility carts and cooler boxes to the disabled at Igegania Level Four Sub-County Hospital in Gatundu North, where our Vice Chancellor Prof. Njenga Munene also chairs the hospital board.

The donation was made in partnership with the Ruiru Pioneer Lions Club and Partners for Care Kenya. The carts will improve their movement while the cooler boxes enable them to engage in small businesses for sustainability.

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programAlumni Associations and Networks are a critical pillar for all tertiary institutions to realize the ideals of the Triple Helix Model for innovation which allows the three actors (university, government, and industry) to realize issues, learn, and solve problems. We are proud to announce the official certification of the Zetech University Alumni Association, which has a network of over 70,000 members, by the Registrar of Societies.

The first order of business for the association will be to activate the Alumni Endowment Fund to support bright but needy students of Zetech University.

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programZetech University is proud to have one of our own, Dr. Samuel Macharia, PhD, who has been accepted into the Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision Training Program offered by DAAD German Academic Exchange Service and Digiface

He joins the 2023 cohort of tutors pursuing excellence by deepening the understanding of supervision as pedagogy.

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programMs. Anne Mwangi, Graduate Assistant - School of ICT, Media and Engineering has been chosen for the Zakike Women Leadership Trainee Programme, setting the stage for a remarkable leadership journey. She joins the 2023 cohort of young women pursuing excellence in leadership and managerial issues. As she seeks to nurture her potential and connect with like-minded women across Africa, we wish her all the best in this journey.

She will be mentored by exceptional minds from the prestigious and renowned global business school, INSEAD.

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programZetech University was privileged to host our colleagues from the University of Witwatersrand, a leading University in South Africa who had visited our Technology Park Mang'u Campus.The event was marked by the signing of a partnership to collaborate on strategic areas of mutual benefit to the two institutions. Key among them are Capacity Building, Joint Research Activities, and Faculty and Students Exchange Programs.Recently the two institutions collaborated in training 120 SMEs from South Africa, a phenomenal program highlighting that South-to-South collaboration could be the panacea to the many challenges facing the Global South

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programDr. Benjamin Muindi, PhD- Lecturer at the Zetech University School of ICT, Media and Engineering has been listed among 94 global experts on the safety of journalists by UNESCO in conjunction with the University of Liverpool.

The panel will be working to implement the UN Action Plan to ensure the safety of journalists and the issue of impunity with groups such as academics, civil society, journalists, students, and international organizations.

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programThe Zetech University HR department organized a 2-day staff training conference for middle-level managers at our Technology Park Mang’u Campus on the 26th and 27th of September. The training sought to equip the staff with much-needed management skills that are critical in executing their mandates efficiently and effectively. Zetech University continuously trains its staff to stay abreast with the latest management tools and techniques for optimal performance.

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programZetech University participated in and Sponsored the Kiambu County Aquatics Invitational Swimming Gala held on 24th and 25th September at the Mpesa Foundation Academy. The event attracted over 30 secondary school teams and swimming clubs and served to highlight the University's prominent role in nurturing the next generation of sporting talent.

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programThe Zetech University fraternity stood in solidarity with the people of Morocco following a 6.8 magnitude earthquake that killed more than 2,000 people in Marrakech. We are grateful that Vallary Kemunto, our student and a member of the Zetech Sparks Basketball Team who is participating in the Arab Basketball Confederation Women's Teams Cup in Marrakech was not harmed in the quake

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programQwetu Hostels, a private accommodation provider was excited to announce their partnership with Zetech University. Together, we are committed to fostering a bright future for students as we embark on this exciting journey in providing quality and affordable accommodation. We seek to inspire, educate, and create opportunities for a brighter tomorrow. Stay tuned for all the amazing things coming our way

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programAccording to the American Psychological Association, more than 20% of teens have seriously considered suicide. To mark World Suicide Week, Zetech University students participated in a mental health walk around the Witeithie market on 21st September to create awareness of the rising cases of suicides among young people. At Zetech University we encourage our students to participate in Community Service Programs to enable them to understand the issues affecting the community. The CSR event, organized by the University Counselling Department and The Student Leadership sought to sensitize the community around our Technology Park Mangu Campus on alternate solutions to stem the rising cases of suicides among young Kenyans

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programThe Biggest Gospel Show on the Biggest TV Station in Kenya, the Bambika Gospel show on Citizen TV Kenya was live from the Zetech University Thika Road Campus, Ruiru on Sunday 16th September 2023. The show was lit courtesy of number one hype man Timeless Noel, with DJ Gee Gee on the ones and twos.

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programCongratulations to the Zetech Oaks Rugby for winning the Division 2 Main Cup trophy at the Kabeberi Sevens Tournament played on September 8th and 9th at the Impala grounds in Nairobi.

The team's playmaker Bryan Ondego was also awarded the Most Valuable Player and Top Try Scorer trophy in the division.

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programKelvin Gitau, a student at Zetech University, Technology Park Mangu Campus, and the coordinator of the FIRST Global Robotics Challenge in Kenya is dedicated to advancing Science and Technology Education among Kenyan youth.

The FIRST Global Robotics Challenge is an international competition held in a different country each year, following an Olympics-style format. Nations are invited to send teams to build and program robots that compete in tasks to create solutions for prevalent global challenges.

This year, held in Singapore, Kelvin and his team proudly represented Kenya, contributing to the competition's goal of fostering global understanding and collaboration among youth in addressing pressing world issues.

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programThe Commission for University Education has approved an application by Zetech University to offer its inaugural Doctorate Degree Program. After a robust assessment and engagement, CUE was satisfied that Zetech University has adequate facilities, human, library, and financial resources, and consequently approved the university’s request to offer a Ph.D. Program.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration & Management (PhD. BAM) Program aims to produce doctoral graduates who are problem solvers and innovative change agents both in academia and in the practical field of business administration and management.

According to Vice Chancellor Prof. Njenga Munene, “The approval of this futuristic program by the CUE is public acceptance and confirmation that Zetech University is committed to meeting the standards of academic excellence set by the Commission for University Education,”

Zetech University Partners with W&R SETA in SME training exchange programH.E Mninwa Johannes Mahlangu, High Commissioner of the Republic of South Africa in Kenya and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Nairobi with Prof. Njenga Munene, Vice Chancellor Zetech University today held a high-level discussion on the upcoming W&RSETA Informal Traders Development Program.

The one-year-long program will be delivered by Zetech University and will have 120 informal traders from South Africa participate in an exchange program to Nairobi, Kenya. It will see traders capacitated on entrepreneurship skills with a key focus on technology and innovation. They will be immersed in the dynamic informal trade in Nairobi over five days, which will be followed by a mentorship and coaching program.

The program will commence on the 7th of August at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

Loreto Convent Msongari students visit Zetech UniversityStrong governance structures are the pillars of any progressive institution. Members of the Zetech University Council after a full Council meeting at the newly inaugurated seat of the University, Technology Park Mang’u Campus. The Council was impressed by the strides the management has made in developing the future-ready conducive learning environment and operationalization of the campus

The Council is an apex body that formulates policy and strategic direction as well as oversight and counsel to the University leadership running

Loreto Convent Msongari students visit Zetech UniversityProf. John Opala, a seasoned IT Security Expert from the Harvard University Extension School, is gifted merchandise by Zetech University Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof. Alice Njuguna after a courtesy call at the Varsity's Thika Road Campus, Ruiru. The meeting highlighted our commitment to mentoring the next generation of cybersecurity and technology professionals for global markets through industry visits, immersion, linkages, and collaboration.

Loreto Convent Msongari students visit Zetech UniversityChris Otundo, CEO BrighterMonday, a leading talent acquisition firm in Kenya, with Zetech University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Njenga Munene during a courtesy visit at the Varsity's Technology Park Campus, Mang'u. The Meeting sought to strengthen an MOU that would see the two institutions work closely on areas of talent development, placement opportunities, training, research, consultancy, and thought leadership series.

Loreto Convent Msongari students visit Zetech UniversityStudents of Loreto Convent Msongari paid a visit to the Zetech University Hospitality Department on 18th June 2023.

The visit, which culminated in the students enjoying a sumptuous four course meal prepared in their presence, was aimed at equipping them with first hand skills in hospitality and event management while boosting the university’s student impact and career mentorship program.

This is a critical part of the process of nurturing wholesome students that Zetech University undertakes, while also equipping them with fundamental culinary skills for their home science classes undertaken under the new competency-based curriculum.

The students got an unmatched experience of Zetech’s state of the art kitchen, restaurant and facilities such as the world class library and innovation hub.

3rd Annual Alliance High School Computing & Robotics Fair 2023On Saturday, June 17, 2023, iZET Hub was represented by John Musyoki, Kelvin Gitau, Christian Onjala & Steven (innovators) In the 3rd Annual Alliance High School Computing & Robotics Fair 2023.

In attendance were over 500 high school students, STEM organizations/companies and media houses such as KTN and NTV.

The goal of the event was to exhibit iZET Hub Innovations and engaging students in conversations about Robotics. From the team the students were exposed to some career opportunities in the field of technology and the different skills and knowledge required in that field.

Participants recognized Zetech’s effort to champion STEM. In addition, Alliance High school Students signed up to be considered for a robotics program run by the Team Kenya robotics group.

IMPACT MENTORSHIP 2023The event was graced by Robert A. Bell, FCCA. He is a Forbes top 40 under 40 chartered coach, TED speaker, author and entrepreneur who serves as the Presidential adviser for AfCTA Young Entrepreneurs Federation in charge of youth mobilization.

The theme of the talk was championing creativity to spur student enterprise in institutions of higher learning. Students got an opportunity to learn how to turn their creative talents into sources of income and manage the same in an efficient manner.

Commenting further, Robert noted that the world had digitized and liberalized in recent years thus offering an opportunity for anyone with a creative talent to use them in creating awareness and gain income.

Students engaged the speaker and got mentorship on contemporary issues affecting them in society, highlighting one of Zetech’s pillars of an unmatched student experience.

CUE inspects Mangu Technology Park for PHD AccreditationThe Commission for University Education conducted an inspection of the Mangu Technology Park Campus to asses its readiness to offer PhD programs.

The inspection which included a site tour by CUE officials, saw them taken round for a first-hand experience of the ultra-modern campus facilities that include spacious lecture halls, library and research halls, laboratories, workshops, hostels, sports and extracurricular facilities, administrative offices and a serene outdoor environment.

The CUE was impressed by the level of preparations the University had made in readiness to launch the PhD program in their exit report.

KTN Beyond Horizons KTN have chosen Zetech University’s Ruiru Campus to host the station’s flagship show; Beyond Horizons, which airs weekly on Sundays at 8pm.

In the episode, Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Alice Njuguna and Bonventure Otieno, Secretary of the Green Party of Kenya kicked off the show with a discussion on the role of youth in leadership.

Prof. Njuguna noted that leadership is a responsibility which translates to service delivery. It requires space for youth to define their own styles and needs an all rounded person who can be molded to fit in any environment.

On the role of curriculum in developing leaders, she noted that Universities should have curricular that allow students to network and be involved in societal discussions on contemporary issues.

Zetech University’s media students also got an opportunity to experience first hand the show set up process and interact with media industry experts.

Zetech Sparks Redbull Basketball Zetech Sparks participated in the Redbull Basketball 3on3 Kenya Tour from 10 th -17 th June 2023 in Nairobi.

The tournament had 2 teams each from Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret and Kisumu. Sparks played 5 games and won all, bagging the rights to represent Kenya in the Redbull Basketball 3on3 World Tour in Serbia.

Still reveling in the brilliance of their Premier League performances this season, Sparks didn’t disappoint,thrashing all their opponents to emerge Champions.

Sparks coach Obie complimented his charges for the superb representation of the Zetech University brand, on which he heaped praises for the strong support of student sports. The global exposure gained highlights Zetech’s philosophy of bringing a world of opportunities to its students.

matriculation cohort 2023We are excited to formally open our doors and have the #May2023Cohort join the home of
#ScholarlyExcellence and look forward to a fulfilling journey of knowledge creation, growth, and success. Together, let's create memories and a #ZetechExperience that will last a lifetime!

zetech and pioneer insuranceAt Zetech University, we work hard and play even harder! The University administration constantly seeks opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organisations and corporations to ensure that the #ZetechExperience cuts across both staff members and students.

We are pleased to receive a cheque worth KES 100,000 from Pioneer General Insurance Limited. The proceeds will be allocated to projects that make the Zetech University workplace conducive, enjoyable and safe for all staff members.

zetech basketballSparks and Kenya Ports Authority from Kenya, will represent the Country in Club Championships come August in Kigali Rwanda. KPA completed a sweep of first timers Zetech University winning Game Three 68-43 on Saturday at the Makande Gymnasium in Mombasa. The dockers had earlier on last weekend won both game one and two in convincing 30-point margins in Nairobi, and the third of five games of the final series ended in their favor to close out the defense of their title.

Sparks will be competing against the two top clubs from Uganda, Egypt, Rwanda, Tanzania and South Sudan.

Eco-Mobilus prog GitauZetech University’s Prof. Geoffrey Gitau Kamau displays his ingenious innovation, the Eco-Mobilus, during an interview with the Associated Press (AP) at Zetech Ruiru Campus.

It is a retrofitted electric motorcycle powered by 4 battery packs from old laptop cells and a hub motor. The E-Mobilus takes 2.5 hours to fully charge and saves him 80% on fuel cost daily, rides 120km on a single charge and produces zero sound and CO2 emission.

As a consequence of the prevalent high cost of fuel, Prof. Gitau pondered and cracked his knuckles on how best to modify the available materials to produce a fuel efficient and environmentally sustainable transport alternative.

He thus put his technical knowledge into use and bought an abandoned motorcycle chassis, removed the petrol engine and replaced it with a motor and disposed laptop battery cells. He was motivated by the large amounts of e-waste that could be recycled and the huge potential for expansion and scalability in Kenya.

The price range for a conversion ranges from USD1000 to 3000.This is less than the cost of importing electric vehicles. The biggest challenge is the lack of a standard retrofitting model due to the varying specifications of different motorcycles.

He is looking to manage a battery assembly doe two and three wheelers and hopes the government will embrace e-mobility and offer subsidies to support startups and encourage investment in such ventures.

zetech sparksKenya Ports Authority showed their experience and squad depth, surviving an early scare from first timers Zetech University to win 68-38 in Game One of the National Women’s Basketball Premier League play-offs at the Nyayo Gymnasium on Saturday night.

Zetech had run the defending champions close in the opening quarter, but the dockers managed to steady their ship in the second half of the game to draw first blood ahead of Game Two in a best of five series on Sunday night.

Nigerian import Ifunaya Okoro starred for the dockers with a game high 20 points, while Belinda Aluoch also recorded double figures, sinking in 11 points. Zetech’s danger girl Mary Lisa was hugely subdued in the duel, and only managed seven points for her side.

KPA women took a 2-0 advantage in the finals last Sunday when they again humbled newbies Zetech University 70-38 in game two of the best of five series playoffs played at the Nyayo Gymnasium.
Speaking after his girls suffered a second consecutive loss to champions Kenya Ports Authority, Sparks coach Obilo pointed out that they just need a little bit of confidence and they will be good to go.

zetech sparksZetech University’s ladies football team, the Zetech Sparks played a friendly match with Point Loma University from California, USA on 18th May at the Ruaraka Stadium.

The highly anticipated match kicked off at 3 pm, with the visitors going on the front foot courtesy of an own goal from Zetech.

The match, which had been organized by the Sports Outreach foundation, ended in a 2-1 loss for the sparks.

Point Loma went 2 up in the first half courtesy of a goal from Bethany before Naise drew one back for the Sparks in the second half.

Sports Outreach is a faith-based NGO focused on restoring hope and transforming lives among vulnerable populations in Kenyan slums.

The match served to highlight Zetech’s commitment to partner with other international institutions and offer their students maximum exposure and an unmatched experience to fulfill their pillar of offering a holistic education.

tech ideas festivalZetech University hosted the Ideas Tech festival at its Innovation labs, famously known as the iZET hub.

The event, whose theme was leveraging on technology for sustainable socioeconomic development, was held on Thursday 25th May from 8 am to 5pm.Various participants showcased their ideas and innovations that fulfilled the theme of the event.

Speaking at the event, the dean of Zetech University’s school of ICT, Media and Engineering Dr. Wilfred Gikaru said only continued investment in technology focused solutions would solve the present challenges facing humanity in general.

The festival serves to highlight Zetech’s continued empowerment of students to invent tools that can be applied to tackle global challenges such as carbon emission, industrial automation, waste management, green energy, artificial intelligence and precision medicine.

Barbados High CommissionerThe High Commissioner for Barbados, William MacDonald, paid Zetech University a courtesy call on Thursday 24th May.

In a widely anticipated address to students of International Relations and Diplomacy at the Thika Road Campus auditorium, the commissioner was welcomed by the Zetech Vice Chancellor Prof. Njenga Munene, DVC Prof. Alice Njuguna and the Dean School of Education, Arts and Social Sciences Prof. Owen Ngumi.

The talk was organized by Zetech University alumni and current attaché at the embassy of Barbados, Rosemary Oduor.

Expounding on the areas of collaboration between the two countries, the ambassador highlighted technology, agriculture, tourism and climate action as key to the positive bilateral relations.

He was consequently engaged in a lively question and answer session during which he elaborated on the benefits Zetech University gains from such a partnership, including attachment and job opportunities for students, visa free travel and student exchange programs with universities in Barbados.

zetech and university of jubaZetech and the University of Juba- From Left: Prof. Njenga Munene, Zetech University Vice-Chancellor receives a plaque from Prof. John A. Akec, the Vice-Chancellor University of Juba during an MoU sig ing that will see both universities launch joint programs in Hospitality and Tourism among other mutually beneficial projects.

zetech universityZetech University HR Round Table pictorial- From left: Zetech University VC Prof. Dr. Njenga Munene, Irene Kimacia, Head of Corporate Affairs at IHRM and Beryl Nduati, Director Human Resource and Planning at Zetech University at an HR Round Table discussion on the incorporation of employability skills in University curricula.

zetech universityBusiness, Health and Tech Innovations- From Left: Prof Alice Njuguna - Zetech University DVC, Mukira Gitonga - Chief Technology Officer, Omarichet. Space, Prof. Njenga Munene - Zetech University VC and Rebkha Atanofu- Founder and President RnD Associates, USA & Faculty John Hopkins University at a public lecture on "Business, Health and Tech Innovations" at Zetech University Thika Road Campus.

zetech pfcZU and PFC- From left: Connie Cheren- President/founder, Partners for Care (PFC), Prof. Njenga Munene- Vice Chancellor Zetech University, Dr. Catherine Chege- Director Liaison & mobilisation Zetech University and Sammy Wanjau- Executive Director PFC at a fundraiser dinner. Zetech University donated 40 mobility carts geared toward uplifting the lives of People Living With Disabilities (PWDs) in various Kenyan Counties.

zetechCSW- Abby Christine Murage and Geoffrey Martin of Zetech University cut a cake to wrap up Customer Service Week 2022 at the University's Thika Road Campus.

zetech engineeringEngineering student- Prof. Owen Ngumi, Dean School of Education, Arts and Social Sciences- Zetech University awards the best exhibitor trophy to Geoffrey Kamau, an electrical engineering student as his fellow students look on. The Department of Engineering was the best exhibitor at the Zetech University Career Day.

zetech universityL.D KHAN- From left: Prof. Njenga Munene- VC Zetech University presents a package to His Excellency L. D. Khan- the High Commissioner of Pakistan to Kenya; where he gave a keynote speech on 'Cultivating a Successful Mindset' at Ruiru Campus.

zetech smeZetech SME Training- Prof. Njenga Munene, VC Zetech University (left) and Daniel Gitau- MCA Gatongora Ward, Kiambu County (right) award a certificate of participation Lawrence Chege; a trainee of the Zetech University Business, Entrepreneurship and Leadership training where more than 200 SME owners were in attendance Ruiru Campus.

zetech waspaZetech & WASPA- Prof. Njenga Munene VC Zetech University (left) and Antony Ambugo CEO of Water Services Providers Association (WASPA) (right) after signing a pact that will see both institutions leverage Research, Innovation to provide efficient and sustainable water and sanitation services in Kenya.

zetech experienceZetech program Launch - From Left: Roy Khaemba- HoD School of Media & Design, Prof. Alice Njuguna- DVC Academics, Research and Student Affairs present the newly launched Bachelor of Science in Media and Digital Communication to the VC Prof. Njenga Munene and Anthony Ndiema- Head of Radio Maisha at Zetech University Ruiru Campus.

zetech bodabodaZetech Bodaboda CSR - Prof. Alice Njuguna, DVC Academics, Research& Student Affairs at Zetech University and Joseph Njogu, Juja traffic police boss flag off more than 200 bodaboda riders from Witethie ward and Juja constituency after a Financial and Customer Service Management crash course at Zetech University Technologypark in Mang'u. The training is part of Zetech's community outreach activities to mark 25 years of scholarly excellence.