Empowering ExcellenceOn July 1, 2024, Zetech University proudly facilitated an enriching training program for Huduma Centre’s GPO Branch staff, focusing on Customer Care for the Service Industry and Supervisory Skills Development. This initiative aligns seamlessly with Huduma Centre’s commitment to nurturing a customer-centric workforce that prioritises client needs above all.

Customer service training equips agents with the essential skills to excel in their roles. Through continuous training, new employees gain foundational knowledge of organizational operations, while seasoned workers stay abreast of the latest internal processes, technologies, and customer trends. This approach fosters a workforce dedicated to perpetual improvement.

Zetech University's collaboration with Huduma Centre is a testament to its broader initiative in corporate training. The University's Corporate Training Model aims to cultivate a culture of continuous learning, fortify succession planning, develop strong and competent leadership, retain and motivate top talent, and secure a competitive edge.

The training methodology employed by Zetech University is both dynamic and participatory. It includes group discussions, tailored syndicates, case studies, instructor-led sessions, simulations, multimedia learning platforms, coaching, mentorship, and role-playing activities. This diverse approach ensures a comprehensive learning experience.

Employees benefit immensely from this type of training, as it paves the way for career advancement, enhances productivity, fosters self-development, and supports employee retention strategies. Huduma Centre staff expressed their gratitude, noting that the training encouraged them to reassess their thinking, realign their goals, and refine their customer service strategies to better meet customer expectations. They commended Zetech University for its clear guidance and effective training.

Zetech University offers corporate training through two primary categories: Customized Training and Open Enrolment. Customized Training involves a thorough training needs assessment with the organization, followed by the development of tailored courses. Open Enrolment courses are accessible to all practicing professionals and span durations of 3 days to 1 week. Some popular Open Enrolment courses include Finance for Finance Managers, Strategic Communications, Emotional Intelligence Master Class, Climate Change Financing and Sustainability, Project Management, Leading and Managing Teams, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, and Credit Management & Debt Recovery for Microfinance Institutions.

Through these comprehensive corporate training programs, Zetech University continues to empower organizations and individuals, fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.